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Wednesday, 16 August 2017
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
117 Ryedale Road , West Ryde NSW 2114


The use of concrete as an architectural tool has risen in popularity due to its versatility, flexibility and structure. Unique mixes of concrete allow beautiful architectural finishes to be achieved in residential and commercial buildings, creating eye-catching shapes and features.

Together, industry leaders will demonstrate the application of concrete in an architectural setting, touching on materials specification, AS3610.1 and achieving a high quality finish when concrete is an architectural feature.

Delegates will walk away with an in-depth knowlegde of applications of concrete in an architectural setting, with respect to relevant industry standards.


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Mr. Harry Partridge
Consultant - Partridge - Structural Remedial Event

Leila Sadler
Managing Director - Formwork Consultants

David Mahaffey
Managing Director - Mahaffey Associates

Russell Williams
Business Development Manager - Architectural Solutions ANZ - Ramsetreid


Specification of Architectural Concrete and Implementation On Site
Leila Sadler - Managing Director, Formwork Consultants
This presentation will focus on the importance of architects and all parties involved in the construction process to work closely together to achieve best possible results for architectural concrete. The presentation will also give an overview of various formwork choices and show international standards and guidelines that are available for the execution of architectural concrete. 

Leila is a chartered professional civil engineer with nearly 20 years’ experience in concrete construction.  Leila joined the formwork industry in 2001 and has worked for the three major formwork suppliers in the industry. Leila has experience in both Australian and European applications of architectural concrete, with associated design and detailing knowledge to achieve high quality constructability.
Off form Concrete Finishes and Compliance with AS3610.1
David Mahaffey - Managing Director, Mahaffey Associates

The requirements for off form concrete finishes complying with AS3610.1 are very poorly understood and arguments regarding compliance are common.  The purpose of the standard and the relevant provisions will be discussed using examples from recent projects.  An updated version of the standard is currently being finalised and the key changes will also be highlighted.

The Untapped Potential of Concrete
Harry Partridge - Consultant to Partridge 

Various types of types of cementitious materials have been used for many thousands of years, being brought to an astonishing level of daring application by the Romans. However, history shows that its use was sporadic over the following millenniums and that it was only from the late nineteenth century that it has become more commonly used.  Its architectural potential was explored relatively early in its modern development (using reinforced and prestressed forms), with some striking examples showing wonderful shapes and enclosures. 

Unfortunately, that early architectural promise has not been fully realised and concrete now seems to have been relegated to a more functional role rather than fulfilling its potential as providing form as well.  Some reasons for this will be explored together with some current developments which may bring a brighter future for the use of ‘architectural concrete’.

Decorative Off-Form Concrete Solutions
Russell Williams - Business Development Manager, Architectural Solutions - Ramsetreid

Russell's presentation will encompass several aspects of the use of architectural concrete, and will be segmented into four sub-topics, including -
  • Understanding Decorative Concrete Applications
  • Common Types of Decorative Concrete Finishes:
    • Exposed, Depth, Smooth & Polish
  • Off-Form Concrete Fabrication Techniques:
    • Precast, Tilt Up and In-Situ Construction
  • Decorative Concrete Technologies:
    • Graphic Concrete®, Formliners,  Off Form Finishes 
Please note that Russell's presentation wil contribute towards CPD, and has been accredited by the Australian Institute of Architects.


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Drinks and light refreshments will be served
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