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The Queensland Branch Committee is responsible for the identification and development of activities to satisfy the needs and entitlements of Members within Queensland. The Committee's responsibilities and activities are guided by the Institute’s Constitution, Mission and Strategic Plan.

The Queensland Branch Committee is constituted by a broad cross section of the industry to help deliver and disseminate material that is relevant to all in industry. The Committee encourages active interaction and dialogue with Institute Members within Queensland. The Committee releases and corresponding Member feedback provided via the hyperlinks on this page are intended to aid in the facilitation of this dialogue. 

Please refer to the upcoming events and news below to stay informed of educational programs and upcoming news related to the Queensland Branch.

State Branch Committee - Roles and Responsibilities

North Queensland Sub Branch


Executive Committee

President Bruce Perry
Vice President Gavin Chadbourn
Treasurer Greg van Rooyen

Elected Committee Members

Committee Member Ian Bishop
Committee Member Peter Dux
Committee Member Tasha Eagle
Committee Member Stephen Evans
Committee Member John Fenwick
Committee Member Ruiwen Kong
Committee Member Weena Lokuge
Committee Member Tony Mulkerin
Committee Member Eoin O'Donovan
Committee Member Liza O'Moore
Committee Member Kipp Richter
Committee Member Wayne Roberts
Committee Member Leo Van Den Heuvel
Committee Member Craig Wright
Committee Member Shengjun Zhou

National Councillors

Committee Member Vinh Dao
Committee Member Con Komselis
Committee Member Sherard Northey

Co-opted Committee Members

Committee Member Michael Booy
Committee Member Shawn Perry
North Queensland Sub Branch Convenor Robert Collister



Notice Board

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20 Mar 2018
Concrete is used in a wide variety of structures and applications in the marine environment. Due to the nature of the exposure condition, there is...
Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
17 Apr 2018
This seminar will look at innovations in concrete pavements that, although perhaps in use in other countries have not yet taken hold in Australia. We...
Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
30 Apr 2018
How can we continue to meet the growing demand for more rentable building space at a reduced construction cost over a faster time frame? Conventional...
Where: Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane, Brisbane QLD
22 May 2018
Save the date!
Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
19 Jun 2018
Are you testing enough to minimise risk and provide adequate confidence in the quality of your product? How can you demonstrate the presence of...
Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
24 Jul 2018
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Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
28 Aug 2018
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Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
25 Sep 2018
There are various factors that influence the behaviour and performance of concrete. These variables can include the raw materials, the concrete design...
Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
23 Oct 2018
Save the date!
Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
20 Nov 2018
Save the date!
Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD


Queensland Branch - 2018 Seminar Program -
Queensland Branch - 2018 Seminar Program -
Details of the Queensland Branch Technical Seminar Program for 2018 are below.

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