News bulletin 30:
News bulletin 30: 1 Aug 2017

Concerns about governance at the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility have been raised by the Productivity Commission and about the scope for political interference in the funding of projects, which include power stations, railways and the Snowy 2.0.

And state governments have been accused by Ports Australia of making short-sighted and politically motivated infrastructure investments that have made Australia’s ports inefficient and cost the economy billions. Ports Australia’s submission to the federal parliamentary inquiry into national freight and supply chain networks was reportedly “a stinging rebuke”.

India’s transport minister has said all roads in the country will be converted to concrete to ensure stability and durability. He has guaranteed they will last for 200 years and spoke out against political leaders, bureaucrats and contractors who have other preferences.

A joint venture of Bam, Ferrovial and Kier (BFK) has pleaded guilty and fined over one million pounds over the death of a contractor spraying liquid concrete in a tunnel in London’s Crossrail project. BFK was also charged over two other incidents on the project.

The US Navy is developing a new device that can quickly identify whether iron sulphide mineral exists in concrete.

Image: London’s Crossrail project. Source: Cross