News bulletin 39:
News bulletin 39: 3 Oct 2017

The world’s first 3D printed, reinforced, prestressed concrete bridge has been opened in The Netherlands. The 8.5 metre cycling bridge has 600 printed layers which are clearly visible and is being monitored with sensors.

A book that sheds light on how reservoirs, dams and bridges were built in the late 19th century has been uncovered in England. The book includes photographs of engineering and construction techniques in the north of the country in the Victorian era.

The University of Sheffield has a free online course on technical report writing for engineers. The introductory course teaches how to communicate ideas through well-written reports.

With the increasing use of concrete bollards in public places globally to protect people from moving vehicle attacks comes the challenge of designing concrete for use in these areas that can be practical, functional, artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

Voting has opened for the people’s choice in the 2017 National Architecture Awards for Australia’s favourite house, many of which utilise concrete as a main feature.

Image: Tamarama House stairwell, one of the entries in the 2017 National Architecture Awards. Source: Australian Institute of Architects.