News bulletin-6:
News bulletin-6: 13 Feb 2018

Life cycle engineers at Lehigh University have incorporated, for the first time, the three most common failure modes for bridges vulnerable to floods, hurricanes and tsunamis, into a risk assessment framework to optimise retrofitting strategies.

Roma Agrawal, an engineer from the UK says “structural engineers are unsung heroes” and believes her type of job doesn’t get the credit it deserves: “People appreciate that they live in a warm building or have bridges to cross, but they don’t appreciate how they came to be there.”

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and Kuwait University have created a material that mixes pulverised volcanic rock with traditional cement. The material, based on calculations published online this week in the Journal of Cleaner Production, would take 16% less energy to construct a neighbourhood of 26 concrete buildings.

Enjoy images from an exhibition at Chicago's Gallery 400 titled 'Félix Candela's Concrete Shells: An Engineered Architecture for México and Chicago', based on the research of Juan Ignacio del Cueto.

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