News bulletin-9:
News bulletin-9: 6 Mar 2018

Timely research is being carried out on ‘heated concrete’ that could reduce the recent problems caused by snow and ice on roads in the UK and across Europe. The benefits of geothermic piles that are used to heat and power large buildings through plumbed underground pipes, is being studied at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

SMEC geotechnical/civil engineer Thomas Miller discusses the challenges of Sydney’s Metro Northwest especially those associated with separating the piles from the ground in the vicinity of the tunnels.

The early design of the M12 Motorway that will connect to the new Western Sydney Airport and other areas in Western Sydney has been released along with a video.

The Raffles City Chongqing skyscraper is currently under construction in China that includes a 300 metre-long horizontal skyscraper atop four 250 metre-high towers.

While recycling carbon fibre goods remains challenging, research at Washington State University shows it may soon be possible to grind up carbon fibre waste and use it in “new-and-improved pervious concrete”.

The global cement market is expected to reach over US$725 billion within seven years and it’s anticipated that huge demand from the APAC construction industry will drive new growth. Details of this are featured in a new Global Cement Market (2017-2025) report that shows size, share, application analysis, growth trends, key players and competitive strategies.

The University of South Florida has revealed Pablo Picasso’s plans to build the world’s tallest concrete sculpture on the campus was approved in 1973 but never agreed to fund the $10 million project.