Our submission deadline is fast approaching!
Our submission deadline is fast approaching!20 Mar 2017

As our submission deadline is fast approaching, we are seeing more entries roll into The Institute.

Every two years The Institute is buzzing with activity in anticipation for our Biennial Conference, and this year is no different.

However, what is equally as important as the latest concrete research, publications and international keynote speakers is the tangible outcomes of this level of knowledge, showcased in the form of a project demonstrating excellence in concrete.

This is particularly interesting, as our Awards 2017 Program has expanded into six different categories: residential buildings, commercial buildings, infrastructure projects, sustainability & environment and technology & innovation - each designed to capture a different segment of the concrete construction industry.

With this in mind, project managers, designers, architects, engineers, researchers and academics are presented with a unique opportunity to showcase their creativity, knowledge and expertise to the wider industry. Your chance awaits to demonstrate the versatile properties of concrete as a construction and decorative material.

With 11 days remaining until the submission deadline, there is still ample time to collate your project details and submit online. Remember, our team at The Institute is more than happy to assist with the entry process, questions and queries.

We look forward to seeing your project!