Queensland Branch - 2018 Seminar Program -
Queensland Branch - 2018 Seminar Program - 14 Dec 2017

Please note the schedule is subject to change so keep your eye on the Qld page for up to date details.

 20th February  Innovative Award Winning Projects
 20th March  The Challenges of Marine Concrete
 17th April

 Concrete Pavements

 22nd May  Back to Basics - How raw material properties can
 impact concrete performance
 19th  June  Concrete Inspection and Testing
 24th July  Project Specific
 30th August  Networking Event
 25th September  Back to Basics II - 'The Concrete Journey' -
 Managing plastic concrete to improve hardened
 concrete performance
 23rd October  Precast - Offsite construction, anchoring and 
rapid construction
 20th November  Post Tensioning
Note: Seminar topics and dates may change.
Please check the Events page of the CIA website to keep up-to-date