2017 Awards for Excellence

Entries are now invited.  All entries must be finalised by 31 March 2017.


For enquiries or guidance with this process, contact the Institute’s Manager - Professional Development Services by email education@concreteinstitute.com.au or by telephone on 02 9955 1744.

The Concrete Institute of Australia is pleased to announce that entries for the 2017 Awards for Excellence in Concrete program are now invited.  Established in 1971, the Awards for Excellence in Concrete recognise and publicise the many significant contributions to excellence in concrete design, construction and materials in Australia.
Concrete related projects, technologies and innovations are all eligible to receive an award.  The Institute’s Awards program caters for both large and small projects, as well as large and small organisations.  Entries will be judged separately in distinct categories.

Entry Categories
There are six entry categories.
  • Residential buildings – single dwellings or multi-story dwellings used for residential purposes only (up to eleven stories).
  • Commercial buildings – offices, industrial buildings, institutional buildings, large residential complexes, or combinations of these.
  • Infrastructure projects – buildings such as (but not limited to) schools, hospitals etc, and engineering infrastructure projects such as (but not limited to) bridges, roads, wharfs, water resources etc.
  • Repairs & rehabilitation – for both buildings and infrastructure.
  • Sustainability & Environment – separate category specifically to recognise advances in the environmentally sustainable use of concrete.  This can include buildings and infrastructure as well as technology and innovation.  Entries submitted under other categories may also be entered under this category.
  • Technology & Innovation – includes significant contributions to the understanding or use of concrete as evidenced by research, technical publications, patent applications, new products or pieces of equipment, new techniques, design innovations, or educational activity.

Note: International is no longer a separate entry category.  However, international entries under any of the above categories will be accepted, provided that they demonstrate significant Australian content such as in design, materials, construction or research.

Awards granted
Awards are granted at two levels –
  • State Awards – all project entries are judged in groups based on the state in which they are completed, and winners will be awarded with an Award for Excellence in Concrete.  Winners will receive a framed Award certificate.  More than one award may be granted in each category.  These awards will be presented at Institute Branch Awards functions held in August – September 2017.
  • National Awards – winners of Awards for Excellence from each state will be judged in their separate categories for an overall category winner.  The winner will receive a Medallion for Excellence in Concrete and an accompanying certificate.  Note, Technology and Innovation entries and Sustainability and Environment entries will ONLY be judged and awarded at the National level.  From those entries receiving a Medallion for Excellence in Concrete, one will be judged to receive the Kevin Cavanagh Trophy for Excellence in Concrete and an accompanying certificate.  National awards will be presented at the Institute’s 2017 Conference Dinner on 24 October 2017.
  Institute Member Fee (GST inclusive) Non-Member Fee (GST inclusive)
 Entry Fee per category  (includes one ticket to  local State Awards  Event)


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