Life and Honorary Membership

The Council of the Institute makes Awards for Life and Honorary Membership to recognise people who have made significant contributions. These awards carry significant prestige.
Nominations for the 2017 Life and Honorary Membership are now open. The Nominating Committee will review all nominations and make recommendations to Council.

Honorary Membership
Honorary Membership is defined in the Institute’s Constitution as - “Honorary Member” means any person admitted as such whom the Council considers has made an outstanding contribution to the development and use of concrete in Australia.
Life Membership
Life Membership is defined in the Institute's Constitution as - “Life Member” means any person admitted as such whom the Council considers has given long and other meritorious service to the Concrete Institute of Australia.
Honorary Members                             
First Name Last Name Year Awarded
J.M. Antill 1982
John Ashby 1995
Gil Brock 2009
William Brown* 1974
Denison Campbell-Allen* 1979
Alan Carse* 2005
Kevin Cavanagh* 1991
Ken Day 2003
Peter Dux 2007
George Feckette* 1978
John Fenwick 1999
Brian Ferguson* 1993
Stephen Foster 2015
Ian Gilbert 2011
George Goffin* 1978
Norwood Harrison 2015
John Hill* 1974
John Nutt AM 2011
Claude Pincin 2015
Vijay Rangan 2011
John Reid 2013
Harold Roper 2007
William (Bill) Ryan 1987
Mick Ryan 2009
Leslie Shorter 1983
Bob Warner 2009
John Woodside 2005
Jack Wynhoven 1997
* Deceased
Life Members
First Name Last Name Year Awarded
Kevin Abrams 2005
Doug Amey 1997
Fred Andrews-Phaedonos 2015
Daksh Baweja 2013
David Beal 2003
Don Beresford 1990
Ian Bishop 2013
Don Buchanan 1999
Kevin Campbell 1997
Brendan Corcoran 1999
Barry Crisp 1999
John Crocker 2013
Stephen Evans 2011
Jim Forbes 1999
Steve Freeman 2009
Albert Fried 1988
Stafford Gill 1997
Erik Guldager-Nielsen* 2007
William Hodson* 1997
Brian Hungerford* 1978
P.V. Isaacs* 1988
R.W. Maze 1981
Wolfgang Merretz 2013
Sandos Mokos 1993
Ian Orchard 1997
Bob Potter 2003
Philip Stevens* 1997
W.H. Taylor 1979
Mark Turner 2007
Gordon Vogan 1997
Vincent Wallis 2003
Robert Wheen 2001
Joe Wyche 2007
* Deceased