National Seminar Series - Prefabricated Modular Concrete - Design & Construction



Seminar Overview


For many years concrete construction in Australia has been successfully applied both in-situ and offsite. In recent times, however, the efficiency of these methods is being tested as we strive to meet the growing demand for more rentable building space at a reduced construction cost over a faster time frame.

Conventional in-situ concrete construction relies heavily on good workmanship, thorough planning and proper execution subject to weather conditions, traffic interrupting concrete supply and variations in concrete quality over large placements. As we get busier and busier, construction quality plummets and we are left with sub-standard concrete structures, unhappy clients, big repair bills and possible litigation.

Modular concrete offers a tangible solution to this dilemma while providing sound economic benefits in greatly reduced construction time, higher concrete quality, and less interruption to the public during construction. New innovative concrete construction technology has given rise to prefabricated high-rise construction and has successfully been applied to several buildings in
Australia, with the recently completed, 2017 Award for
Excellence in Concrete winner, La Trobe Tower.

The Concrete Institute of Australia has brought together a power line up of expert speakers in the design and construction of prefabricated modular buildings, keen to demonstrate the benefits of this construction type, the pitfalls to watch and the best use of hybrid modular and in-situ concrete options implemented successfully nationwide and overseas.


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Seminar Presenters

Shan Kumar - Head of Innovation and Engineering, Hickory Group

Shan’s expertise in the field of concrete and steel formwork systems is ground breaking, with Engineers Australia recently naming him one of Australia’s most innovative engineers in 2017. He was instrumental in the design and development of an integrated, prefabricated construction method which was used to construct
La Trobe 
Tower, the first high-rise project to use design for manufacture and assembly construction methods. 

Shan’s continuous ingenuity and dedication to this field was instrumental in the successful delivery of 2017 Award for Excellence in Concrete winner, La Trobe Tower.

Professor Priyan Mendis - University of Melbourne, Infrastructure Engineering

Priyan Mendis is a Professor in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering and the Leader of the Advanced Protective Technology of Engineering Structures Group. He was also the Convener of the ARC Research Network for a Secure Australia (RNSA) from 2004 -2011.Prof Mendis obtained his PhD from Monash University, Australia. He is also the Director of the ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing.

Research interests:
- Protective technology of structures
- Smart Infrastructure, design, assessment and monitoring 
- High-strength/High-performance concrete
- Seismic design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures 
- Design of tall buildings and bridges 
- Disaster mitigation and management
- Sustainable infrastructure
He is also a member of several institutions including: Institution of Engineering, Concrete Institute of Australia and American Concrete Institute.   

Professor Tuan Ngo - University of Melbourne, Infrastructure Engineering
Prof Tuan Ngo is the Director of the Advanced Protective Technologies for Engineering Structures (APTES) Group at the University of Melbourne. He is also the Research Director of the ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing and Leader of the CRC-P for Innovative Prefabricated Building Systems and the CRC-P for Advanced Manufacturing of High Performance Building Fa├žade Systems.

Prof Ngo has carried out significant research collaborations with industry and government agencies to perform large-scale experiments of prefabricated modular components of building structures (facades, wall panels and floor slab systems). The national and international research interactions have given Prof Ngo widespread recognition amongst the scientific community and industry as an expert in design and manufacturing of building components and systems using high performance materials.

Research expertise:
- Prefabricated modular buildings 
- Extreme loadings: blast, impact and fire 
- High strength concrete
- Wind engineering and computational fluid dynamics
- Modelling urban systems and design of sustainable precincts



What to expect?

• Gain a practical understanding of the major changes in the Australian prefabricated concrete industry, and how this impacts construction.
• The opportunity to hear from leading prefabricated modular concrete practitioners who are covering new ground in Australia.
• Discover the latest in tall tower design and construction using innovative methodology.
• Case studies on landmark structures highlighting the latest in design and construction.
• An excellent opportunity to discuss key aspects with industry experts in an open forum.

Who should attend?

This seminar and included content will be beneficial for structural and civil design engineers, as well as construction engineers. We also encourage suppliers, contractors, and concrete practitioners of all levels of experience.