Essential Steel Reinforcing Properties for Design & Detailing





Seminar Overview

Steel reinforcement has been used in concrete in Australia since the late 1800's. There have been many changes in the properties of steel reinforcement materials, along with changes in design philosophies and construction metho
dologies, leading to the present day. One thing has remained constant throughout this time though – the need to ensure that steel reinforcement design and detailing is achieved correctly to ensure that the reinforcement and the concrete interact efficiently to provide satisfactory behaviour. 
In July 2019 the Concrete Institute of Australia, along with the Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia, will present a seminar titled “Essential Steel Reinforcing Properties for Design & Detailing”. The seminar will take delegates through the journey of steel reinforcement changes over time, the impact this has had on design and construction, and why it is important for modern day engineers to know what is in our structures. The need to maintain and re-purpose existing building stock (and infrastructure) will increase in future generations.

The seminar will then look at current Standards, AS/NZS 4671 and AS 3600, and update delegates on changes to these codes with respect to reinforcing steels and the impact these will have on design. It will also look at items to consider when assessing old structures that were designed using the working stress theory. Case studies will show how to approach this assessment. 

Following this there will be a session on detailing, not only referring to current day steel reinforcement and design, but reviewing past practice and how this can impact modifications and changes of use. There will also be an opportunity for a detailed Q&A session at the end.

Topic Includes

  • The history of steel reinforcement in Australia and its impact on current day practice
  • Review of AS/NZS-4671 updates and how these tie into the new AS 3600
  • Detailing and good site practice, providing design examples
  • Case studies of old existing structures and how these should be approached from an engineering point of view
  • Attendees will be able to view a hard copy and place an order from SRIA the new Guide to Historical Steel Reinforcement in Australia, 2019

The seminar will also include a forum involving locally based practicing engineers, who will come together to answer questions, consider concerns, and provide clarity.

At the conclusion of the seminar delegates will be invited to network over refreshments.

Seminar Presenters

Scott Munter -  Executive Director
Scott Munter is a structural engineer and Executive Director for the Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia. Previously Scott worked for BlueScope Steel for 3 years. Scott served for 7 years with Australian Steel Institute working on a variety of key projects such as the Steel Connection Design Series. Scott also has a broad 15 year commercial, industrial and residential track record as a Civil & Structural Consulting Engineer in the Engineering Design and Construction field. He graduated with a Bachelor of Structural Engineering (University of Technology, Sydney) in 1991. As a Fellow of Engineers Australia he holds Charter Professional Engineer & NER (Structural) status. He is a member of a many Standards Australia committees including BD-006 General Design Requirements and Loading on Structures, BD-002 Concrete Structures, BD-090 Bridge Design, BD-032 Composite Structures and BD-025 Residential Slabs and Footings.


Eric Lume -  National Engineer
Eric Lume is the National Engineer at the SRIA. This role delivers technical support to the Australian Design & Construction market, Australian Standard development and the National Tertiary support package. Eric is a Civil and Structural Engineer with a wealth of industry experience. This includes a recent engagement with a Consulting Engineering firm in Christchurch, NZ assisting with the rebuild of earthquake damaged structures and this followed a 5 year position of Senior Lecturer at the University of Wollongong developing and teaching Civil Engineering course materials for the design of reinforced concrete masonry structures and concrete technology. Prior to this Eric was employed by Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia (CCAA) for 15 years delivering technical support and development of the Associations publications. Eric’s Engineering career includes 13 years in the Consulting Engineering Profession and a period with the Department of Main Roads, NSW. He is a member of various Standards Australia Committees including BD-098 Pavements and BD-004 Masonry Structures.

John Woodside - Principal, J Woodside Consulting Pty Ltd
John was elected an Honorary Member of the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) in 2005 for his services to concrete and awarded the Lewis Kent Award in 2011 by the Institution of Structural Engineers for his outstanding contribution to structural engineering in Australia.          
In 2006, he was awarded the John Connell Gold Medal by EA for his outstanding contribution to structural engineering and eminence in consulting engineering in Australia and overseas, as a Principal of Connell Wagner.  He made a significant contribution to earthquake design and the concrete design in Australia. 

Graeme McGregor  - Manager Technical Development, Liberty Reinforcing
Graeme is a Metallurgist with a very long career in the steel industry. He is currently Manager Technical Development, Liberty Reinforcing, part of Liberty GFG. He currently has a focus on the development of new high strength steel reinforcing technology and the application of these steels in concrete construction. Graeme has held a variety of positions in the steel industry in Research, Operations, Marketing and Business Development. He is a member a number of Standards Australia
Committees including BD-025, Residential Slabs and Footings and BD-084 Steel Reinforcing and Prestresssing Materials.