The New AS3600-2018 Concrete Structures Code

What Impact Will it Have on You?



Seminar Overview

Our major concrete structures code, AS3600, was recently updated and released in 2018. However, the Standard was also subjected to a number of challenges during this revision. Subsequently there have been a number of questions raised by designers and specifiers, as well as practitioners and suppliers, which have created some confusion, and a lack of clarity in some areas. 

 whatsNew3-(3).gifIn April 2019 the Institute will present a symposium titled “The New AS3600-2018 Concrete Structures Code – What Impact Will It Have On You?”, and it will focus specifically on the recently released AS 3600 code and the challenges it presents to the construction industry. With so many challenges confronting the concrete industry the objective of this seminar is to provide designers and practitioners up to date information on changes to AS3600, why they have occurred, and the impact it will have on performance.

The seminar will also aim to: 
  • Provide design examples, not only explaining the changes, but highlighting any of the ambiguities in the Standard.
  • Uncover the sections of AS3600 that are seen as unworkable by some designers and determine solutions to these problems.
The seminar includes Jim Forbes, the Chair of the BD2 Standards Australia Committee for AS3600; Alison Scotland, the National Sector Manager for Building, from Standards Australia; Shan Kumar, (Chief Engineer - Hickory Building Systems); and Angelo Thurairajah, Technical Director - Webber Design, who will discuss the structural design changes in the code, as well as providing insight as to how the changes will effect everyday business.
The seminar will also include a forum involving locally based representatives of the AS3600 BD2 committee, and users of the code such as consultants, asset owners, and concrete practitioners, who will come together to answer questions, consider concerns and provide clarity.
Topics include:  
  • Overview of AS 3600
  • Changes to AS 3600 and Why They Have Been Made
  • Impact on structural design for slabs, beams, and walls with respect to serviceability, limit state, shear, and more.
  • New additions to the Code.
  • Alignment with the National Construction Code of Australia.
  • Understanding the Standards process
  • Q&A forum to discuss areas of concern, uncertainty, or new suggestions.

AS3600 - BD002 Committee Chairman
Jim Forbes
Engineering Consultant - Arcadis ,  (B.Eng. Civil & Structural) Swinburne University of Technology​.

Jim has almost 50 years’ experience in the construction industry, both within Australia & internationally, assisting both public and private entities. Jim's areas of expertise cover a wide range of engineering and transport planning issues including building structures, bridge structures, traffic and transport modelling, pedestrian modelling, concrete and concrete structures, light rail, and building diagnostics. Jim is a Life Member of the CIA and has been the Chair of the BD2 committee for AS3600 for several years. 


Standards Australia Representative

Alison Scotland
Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager - Standards Australia, Charles Sturt University MBA, Business.
 The AS 3600:2018 Concrete structures standard sets out minimum requirements for the design and construction of concrete buildings, structures and members that contain reinforcing steel or tendons, or both. It also sets out minimum requirements for plain concrete pedestals and footings.
Alison will discuss the challenges faced by Standards Australia when publishing a principle code such as AS 3600, the formidable challenges faced by the committee who oversee the editing AS 3600, and why AS3600 has been included in the National Construction Code in 2019.
For many delegates this opportunity will offer valuable insight into the operations and procedures of Standards Australia

Seminar Presenters

Shan Kumar
Principal Engineer, Hickory Building Systems, BScEng (Civil), University of Sri Lanka and PhD from Swinburne University
Shan’s expertise in the field of concrete and steel formwork systems is ground breaking, with Engineers Australia recently naming him one of Australia’s most innovative engineers in 2017. 

He was instrumental in the design and development of an integrated, prefabricated construction method, which was used to construct La Trobe Tower, the first high-rise project to use design for manufacture, and assembly construction methods. Shan’s continuous ingenuity and dedication to this field was instrumental in the successful delivery of 2017 Award for Excellence in Concrete winner, La Trobe Tower.

Angelo Thurairajah
Technical Director - Webber Design, (M.Eng.) Asian Institute of Technology and Postgraduate Studies Structural Engineering Monash University & University of Melbourne

Angelo joined Webber Design in 2014 and with more than 25 years of structural engineering experience is highly respected by his industry peers for his technical capabilities consistently demonstrated on numerous large scale high rise and other iconic projects both internationally and nationally.

Angelo specializes in Optimum Structure Concepts, Tall Buildings, Complex Structures, Dynamics, Wind/Earthquake/Blast Loading, Lateral Stability and Vibration.


Guest Presenters include: 
  • Prof Priyan Mendis, University of Melbourne (Melbourne)
  • Gil Brock, Prestressed Concrete Design Consultants Pty Ltd (Brisbane)
  • Boris Vujovic, BG&E (Perth)

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