BD-010: Cement

With the release of AS 3972 - 2010: General purpose and blended cements, the BD-010 Standards committee remains inactive until the recommendations from a Working Group comprised of technical representatives of the BD-010 Nominating Organisations. The Working Group has been convened to continue the discussion and reach agreement on the optimum amount of mineral additions in General purpose cement. The Institute's BD-010 Reference Group remains active through communication from the Institute's technical representative on the Working Group.
The Institute's BD-010 Nominated Representative and the respective Reference Group aim to work collectively to provide expert opinion and input into the direction and progress of Standards Australia BD-010 committee. 

The Reference Group provide expert advice and individual opinion for consideration by the Nominated Representative on technical matters as necessary from time to time.

Members of the Institute are encouraged to provide feedback to the Nominated Representative and Reference Group. 


Reference Group

Convenor Douglas Jenkins
Reference Group Member Tom Benn
Reference Group Member Alexander Vanderstaay
Reference Group Member Des Chalmers
Chairman / Nominated Representative Frank Collins
Reference Group Member Graeme Hastie
Project Manager Andre van Zyl



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