CIA-ACI Joint Membership


Membership of the American Concrete Institute provides access to a wide range of benefits including:

a) An electronic and a hard copy of ACI's "Concrete International” magazine.

b) An electronic copy of both the ACI's "Materials Journal" and "Structural Journal".

c) Member pricing for ACI copyrighted content, which is  approximately a 40% discount from the non-Member publication price of ACI publications. (Note: no discounts are provided for non-ACI publications sold by ACI.)

d) ACI Member fees for ACI Conventions.

e) ACI Member fees for ACI Educational Seminars/Webinars/On-Line Learning.

f) ACI Member fees for Continuing Education courses (CEUs).

g) Three free electronic downloads of select ACI publications and Continuing Education courses (0.8 CEUs) annually.

h) Online access to ACI’s Concrete Knowledge Centre which allows members to search the full text of almost every research paper cited in ACI 318-05 commentary.

i) An electronic copy of ACI e–News “the Concrete Smartbrief”, and ACI e–mail Member promotions. (Members may opt out of any or all at their discretion.)

j) A hard copy of ACI's annual publication catalogue and quarterly updates.

ACI Membership is currently available for the annual fee of $165.00 AUD. This represents a significant saving as direct Individual Membership of the ACI is normally $259.00 USD.

Joint CIA-ACI Membership is available to new and existing CIA Individual, Individual Young and Retired Members however they must be residents of Australia. Joint CIA-ACI Membership is not available to CIA Members residing overseas.

Joint CIA-ACI Membership does not currently extend to Company Members, or their representatives.

ACI Membership will be valid for 12 months from the date of approval subject to continued Membership of the CIA.

CIA Members who are also existing ACI Members can still take advantage of Joint Membership with ACI providing a non-cash credit that can be used for the purchase of ACI products and services during the first year. Existing ACI Members who take up Joint Membership should contact the ACI for redemption of this credit.

New Members can apply for Joint Membership via the online application form.

Existing Individual CIA Members can apply via the online ACI application form.

Note:  ACI Membership application data is sent to the ACI for processing on the 15th of each month and memberships are activated by the ACI at the end of that month. The ACI will notify you of your details directly.