mateenTM products are a direct substitute for steel, epoxy coated steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and other similar products used to reinforce concrete in building, construction and infrastructure markets.

mateenTM products are resistant to corrosion and chemicals, are non-conductive, non-electromagnetic, non-magnetic, easy to cut and have low thermal conductivity.

mateenTM products are internationally competitive and supported by comprehensive long-term testing, international approvals, academic research and quality reference projects across almost every application including bridges, roads, tunnels, marine, mining and other civil applications since our first installation over 25 years ago.

  • Corrosion free reinforcement – perfect for highly corrosive environments
  • High tensile strength – two times greater than steel
  • Cuttable reinforcement – TBM tunnel development and soft-eyes
  • Non-conductive reinforcement –  smelter & power station developments
  • Low thermal conductivity reinforcement–  reduced energy costs in pre-cast sandwich walls
  • Non-magnetic reinforcement – hospital & laboratory applications
  • Risk free alternative to epoxy coated steel, galvanised rebar and stainless steel (no accelerated corrosion or anodal corrosion due to scratches during on-site handling)
  • Light weight reinforcement – ¼ the weight of steel – less labour, less freight, faster & safer on-site handling
  • Energy efficient – low carbon footprint
  • LEED Gold certified (production facility)
Contact: Ian Cumming
E: [email protected]
M: 0400 814 144