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The Institute's educational programs aim to increase knowledge through the dissemination of fundamental and applied information for the benefit of the concrete and construction industry in general.

The programs aid in the facilitation of communications, sharing of knowledge and experience and provide an opportunity for peers within the concrete industry to interact and network. 
Regular seminars, webinars, technical evenings and site visits are held around Australia by the Institute - through both National and State programs. Keeping abreast of the latest issues and developments occurring within the dynamic field of concrete is crucial. Browse for educational programs in your respective State or National programs that are of interest to you. 

5 Aug 2021
Crumb Rubber Concrete (CRC), where the rubber partially replaces sand in the concrete, has become quite a popular topic in concrete materials research...
Where: WEBINAR, Online
10 Aug 2021
Concrete has been around since before the Roman time and while it may still look grey and goes hard, concrete technology is constantly evolving. This...
Where: The Shoe Bar & Cafe, Perth WA
12 Aug 2021
The event is all about the fun and networking (and not the handicap).  The format will be an 18 Hole Ambrose shotgun event and it will sell out...
Where: Palm Meadows Golf Course, Carrara QLD
12 Aug 2021
With a potential rising prevalence of terrorist attacks and accidental explosions around the world, engineering structures may experience blast loads...
Where: WEBINAR, Online
24 Aug 2021
As BIM has become mainstream in the delivery of large-scale projects, its implementation and customization in everyday engineering are starting to...
Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
26 Aug 2021
Despite ongoing advances in concrete technology, the deterioration caused by corrosion is often a limiting factor in designing long-lasting concrete...
Where: WEBINAR V, Online, VIC
26 Aug 2021
This presentation will discuss the lifecycle of water retaining concrete structures and provide case study of cementitious restoration versus polymer...
Where: Derwent Sailing Squadron, Sandy Bay TAS
1 Sep 2021
Please note this event has been postponed till Wednesday September 1 due to the ongoing COVID Lockdown situation in Greater...
Where: Kirribilli Club, Lavender Bay NSW
16 Sep 2021
Join us on our next social networking event being held at the TAFE South Bank. Our Quizmaster will keep you guessing as topics will include pop...
Where: TAFE Restaurant, South Brisbane QLD
29 Sep 2021
This webinar looks at some of the major projects taking place in Victoria right now.  We are currently approaching several project leaders...
Where: City of Melbourne Bowls Club, West Melbourne VIC
13 Oct 2021
The Inland Rail project, from Melbourne to Brisbane, will provide regional businesses with transformational opportunities by providing improved...
Where: The Carrington Hotel, Shepparton VIC
27 Oct 2021
This is the Victoria Branch's biggest event of the year. It's a full afternoon of expert talks on recycled materials in concrete, as well as...
Where: WEBINAR V, Online, VIC
24 Nov 2021
Hot Topic is about the front-of-centre and the forbidden issues in the concrete industry. The Q&A part is the forum to disclose and discuss them....
Where: Hawthorn Arts Centre, Hawthorn VIC
8 Dec 2021
Visit again for more information.  Online registrations issues? If you have any booking issues, call Solonge directly on 0459 59 00 25 or...
Where: Hawthorn Arts Centre, Hawthorn VIC
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The Concrete Institute of Australia is constantly monitoring changes with respect to government and health advice on COVID-19.
In these uncertain times there may be a requirement unexpectedly for the Institute to postpone, cancel, or make modifications to an event due to sudden changes in COVID regulations. In these instances the Institute will follow our Terms of Service with respect to Changes to an Event and Event Cancellation:
Changes to an Event: The Institute endeavours to deliver all events as advertised however there may be occasions when changes to the speakers, schedule or venue may be required due circumstances beyond the control of the Institute. In these instances all effort will be made to contact registrants to advise them of the changes in a timely manner. If these changes affect a registrants ability, or desire, to attend, a refund or credit may be applied but registrants must contact the Institute prior to the event to discuss options.
Event Cancellation: Should the Event be cancelled for any reason the Concrete Institute of Australia advises that all registrants will be refunded their full registration fee within a seven day time frame from the cancellation date.
The Institute thanks you for your support and understanding where these circumstances arise.