STRUT-AND-TIE: Modeling for Concrete Structures





Seminar Overview

Strut-and-tie modeling is a powerful engineering tool where the engineer stays in control. With a reasonable amount of experience, it can help design engineers provide simple engineering solutions to complex structural problems.
Strut-and-tie modeling provides a powerful and a simplistic analysis and design technique for many common design cases such as deep beams, pile caps, transfer structures etc. Conventional design methods do not apply to these cases.
This course serves as a significant step in providing the knowledge required for Strut-and-tie to be used in a proper and more efficient manner for concrete design.



Seminar Presenters 

Prof. Priyan Mendis 


Professor in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering and the Leader of the Advanced Protective Technology of Engineering Structures Group.
He was also the Convener of the ARC Research Network for a Secure Australia (RNSA) from 2004 -2011.
Professor Priyan is also the Director of the ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing Research interests
  • Principle of Strut-and-Tie Model
  • Developing a suitable Strut-and-Tie Model
  • Deep beams
  • Failure criteria
  • Illustrative design examples

Rocco Carinci  



Managing Director at Rincovitch Consultants and a structural engineer with over 35 years of experience in design, Rocco worked in smaller and larger consultancies before joining Rincovitch Consultants in 1995.
Rocco has design experience across the sectors of high rise residential and commercial, institutional and health, industrial, domestic, sports and recreation. Rocco’s design experience encompasses reinforced and post- tensioned concrete, precast concrete, steel design and foundations. At Rincovitch Consultants, Rocco has a keen interest in the history of science and engineering and modern construction technology, he approaches his ideas on a pragmatic and a constructability oriented mind set.

Seminar Topics and Agenda

Registration 15:00  
15:30: Session 1 – Introduction: Strut-and-Ties Theory           
  • Review of the original theory
  • Strut-and-Tie model
Prof. Priyan Mendis
16:45: Session 2 – Analysis and Design
Rocco Carinci
18:00: Break  
18:30: Session 3 - Strut-and-Tie Modeling: Case Studies
Prof. Priyan Mendis
19:30: Session 4 - Q&A  Networking - Eats and drinks Prof. Priyan Mendis
Rocco Carinci