Concrete Inspection and Testing

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


TAFE Restaurant
Level 2 - Block C 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101


Are you testing enough to minimise risk and provide adequate confidence in the quality of your product? How can you demonstrate the presence of desired performance characteristics in your structures?
Are you using the correct test methods nominated by the specification, and does evaluation of the results obtained provide conformance and compliance with the specification?
When things go wrong and non-compliance is an issue, it is important that a proper comprehensive inspection/testing, review, and assessment of the problem is undertaken.
In this seminar, drawing from their combined extensive expertise and experience, the invited speakers will
  • discuss details of some common/special tests undertaken during different stages of construction, including: sampling, fresh and hardened concrete, quality control, pre- and post- contract, proof testing, coring and non-destructive testing;
  • provide guidance on how to properly interpret the obtained results; and,
  • highlight some common issues and useful tips on how to address them


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Steve Evans
Consultant Concrete Technologist - UniQuest Pty Ltd

Shane Gilbert
Laboratory Manager - Boral Construction Materials

Dr. Wayne Roberts
Principal Engineer (Structural Materials) - Queensland Transport and Main Roads

David Hocking
National Technical Manager - Boral Construction Materials

Greg van Rooyen
Principal Concrete Technologist - GHD Pty Ltd

Stuart McCurdy
Sales Engineering Manager - Papworths Construction Testing Equipment (Vic/Tas)

Dr. John Fenwick AM
Consultant - ACRS Qld


Steve Evans - Consultant Concrete Technologist, UniQuest Pty Ltd
Steve will give a brief overview of the importance and relevance of testing, along with several appropriate examples. The difference between Production Control and Project Control will be explained and the many categories of testing will be presented to supplement an introduction to the theme of the seminar.

Basic Concrete and Material Tests
Shane Gilbert - Laboratory Manager, Boral Construction Materials
Shane will present information on the many different types of common concrete and material tests. Specific information needed for assurance of quality, on-going uniformity of performance, control, and compliance. This will be discussed along with actions necessary to avoid variability and potential short-comings of particular tests when non-standard methods are adopted.

The Requirement for Special Tests
Dr  Wayne Roberts - Principal Engineer (Structural Materials)
Queensland Transport and Main Roads
Dr Roberts will provide details of the performance expectations required by Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads for concrete serviceability in the many different environments throughout Queensland. Wayne will also discuss what testing is required for mix design approvals to the new (yet to be published) MRTS70 Specification and new tests because of issues with cast in place piles.

Testing for Durability

David Hocking - National Technical Manager, Boral Construction Materials
David will present details of some of the less common forms of testing that are used specifically to assess concrete durability. As well, information will be provided on Temperature Match Curing – a testing regime used for early age strength assessment.
David will enhance his presentation with brief case study/examples of various projects throughout Australia.  David will also provide details of the recent CIA Recommended Practice suite of publications on Durability, (Z 07 - 2016).

Inspection and Troubleshooting
Greg van Rooyen - Principal Concrete Technologist, GHD Qld
Greg will discuss the following important issues - obtaining essential information from the specification, reviewing certification and evaluation of concrete mixes and material performance records. Conducting a meaningful site inspection and investigation with good and accurate records.
Concrete cores taken to confirm compressive strength are rarely secured properly, and interpretation of results is commonly incomplete, inaccurate, or incorrect.

Non-destructive Testing
Stuart McCurdy – Sales Engineering Manager,
Papworths Construction Testing Equipment (Vic/Tas)

Stuart will identify particular non-destructive tests that are undertaken on hardened concrete to provide useful information to supplement the assurance of quality and likely performance of concrete when testing has not been undertaken, or when further information or reassurance is necessary to provide greater confidence.

Testing Case Study (Steel Reinforcement)
Dr John Fenwick AM - Consultant, ACRS Qld
Dr Fenwick will provide details of a case study from his past experience regarding quality testing and certification of reinforcing steel for use on major projects.

Special Guest
Darina Ross, State Manager, NATA Qld
Darina will be available during our post-seminar networking refreshment period to answer your questions and discuss any issues on testing.


4.30 pm Registration Commences - Tea and coffee will be served
5.00 pm Welcome & Introduction
5.05 pm Commencement of Speaker Presentations
7.00 pm Question time to panel of Speakers
 Light refreshments served after conclusion of event
8.00 pm Seminar closes

Members and guests attending this function should be aware that because of the broad ranging theme of this seminar, Testing and Inspection, seven invited speakers, each an expert in their field, will present a brief, but detailed snapshot of different important issues related to testing, inspection and interpretation of results where differences have been identified between recommended practice and actual current practice.
The seminar will not follow the standard CIA format where speakers present formal papers that document experience, practices and case studies.

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