The Essentials of Concrete Mix Designs

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Thursday, 28 June 2018
3:30 PM - 6:00 PM


Derwent Sailing Squadron
23 Marieville Esp , Sandy Bay TAS 7005


Modern concrete mixes have moved on a great deal from the traditional "3:2:1" means of proportioning the constituent raw materials. Increasing cement performance particularly has meant that cement contents are now much lower than what they were many years ago. Coupled with this, developments in aggregate sources now enable the designer of the concrete mix to minimise the risk of problems on site that were commonplace not so long ago. The presentation will focus on how a concrete mix is designed from first principles taking into account the grading and relative density of the aggregates, the need for increasing workabilities and how admixtures can be optimised to allow concrete to do things that were impossible not so long ago. 

Portland Cement was invented by Joseph Aspdin way back in 1824 and although not much has changed in the way of its composition, modern General Purpose cements are now manufactured in very efficient and complex facilities where QC and QA systems are highly evolved. The properties of cements can, however, be controlled to impact the way that concrete behaves. Aspects such as fineness will affect both setting time, shrinkage and ultimate strength. All of the above - and much more - will be discussed in detail.


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Mr. Bruce Perry
National Customer Technical Support Manager - Cement Australia

Mr. Niroshan Hapu
Technical Sales Specialist - Cement Australia


The Essentials of Concrete Mix Design
-"The Properties of Cement and How They Impact Concrete Performance" 


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