Quality projects at the right price?

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


City of Melbourne Bowls Club
Corner William Street & Dudley Streets , Melbourne West Melbourne VIC 3003


How to deliver quality projects at the right price?
There is increasing pressure on all stakeholders within the construction industry to deliver more with less. Whether it’s the design consultant producing faster and leaner outcomes, the contractor building quicker with higher quality, a manufacturer producing more durable and cheaper products as well as the asset owner demanding longer service and design life, our industry is carrying a heavy load to achieve it all.
Come and join us at the next technical evening, where our panel of experts will explore the theme in more detail, including issues related to the importance of quality in construction of major projects, how to avoid non-conformances, building code compliance requirements and other related topics.


CIA Member $76.00 Non CIA Member $99.00 CIA Student/Retired Member $38.00


Fred Andrews-Phaedonos
Principal Engineer - Concrete Technology - VicRoads

Professor Priyan Mendis
Professor of Civil Engineering - University of Melbourne


Ensuring Quality and Durability in Concrete Construction for Major Infrastructure
Fred Andrews-Phaedonos - VicRoads

This presentation will highlight the importance of construction quality, discuss quality issues identified in the construction process and further highlight the importance of compliance to the specified requirements and the significance of ensuring product conformity in the production and construction process. A high level of quality during construction is a fundamental requirement to ensuring that a concrete structure performs its intended purpose and achieves its 100 year design life with minimal maintenance. To this end contractors must control the quality of their work to ensure full compliance and prevent the occurrence of faults and defects which will become major risk factors with respect to durability and negatively impact the service life of a structure. Although time, initial cost, safety, environment and traffic are key parameters in the delivery of accelerated construction projects, the construction quality is the only one that has a permanent imprint on the long term performance of a structure and indeed is the only parameter that will be measured over the entire life of a structure or project. As such quality must be front and centre of the various construction activities and be taken seriously by all stakeholders of a project and must be driven both from top down and bottom up.

Non Conforming Concrete, Concrete Specifications & Building Code Compliance
Professor Priyan Mendis - University of Melbourne

Priyan will discuss the importance of correctly developing the concrete specifications and the various issues and problems related to the use of non-conforming concrete. These issues include early age cracking due to excessive temperatures, strength development, durability etc. This has led to catastrophic problems such as post-tensioned anchorage failures etc. He will explain the solutions such as limiting temperatures, maturity methods to predict strengths and other developments around the world in performance-based design and specifications. In addition, he will mention the changes in new AS3600 code and the NCC 2019 building code compliance requirements.

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