The Future of Concrete

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


TAFE Restaurant
Level 2 - Block C 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101


Seminar focusses mainly on the current trends and developments in concrete that will be a drive for future concrete applications. Advances in concrete industry and construction technologies together with the acceptance of reclaimed resources in concrete will be discussed. Emerging technologies will be highlighted using recent advancements in the use of nano materials in concrete as well as 3D printing.


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Paul Rocker
National Materials Technology Manager - Holcim Australia and New Zealand

Dr. Shu Jian Chen
University of Queensland

Bruce Perry
National Customer Technical Support Manager - Cement Australia


Paul Rocker, Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd
Necessity is the Mother of invention
There are a number of key areas of necessity where invention is now paramount, for Concrete to enjoy its elevated status as the primary building material of choice there are two key areas as an Industry and companies that we must address:
Sustainability – reducing the carbon footprint of Concrete is a key necessity this talk will clearly identify a transparent process to reduced carbon right through to carbon neutrality.
Technology – from the ordering of concrete right through to the user experience this talk will highlight some of the trending breakthroughs, only just breaking through now or projected to in the next few years.

Dr Shu Jian Chen, University of Queensland
Emerging technologies and the future of concrete 
Emerging technologies such as nanoengineering, advanced characterization and advanced manufacturing bring new opportunities for improving the efficiency and sustainability of concrete. The talk will briefly introduce the scientific and technological advances in these areas with a deeper dive into relevant ongoing research projects in The University of Queensland. The potential impact and future implication of technologies such as nanoadditives, additive manufacturing (3D printing), and artificial intelligence will also be discussed.

Bruce Perry, Cement Australia
The Future of Concrete - will it still contain cement ?
Portland based cement has been an integral part of concrete mixes for centuries and modern day cements are engineered to meet the current demands of the End User. More recently, however, some sections of industry, the media and academia have been very vocal in spruiking alternatives to GP cement (for example, activated SCM's, geopolymers etc.) for use in concrete mixes of the future. This talk will explain the features and benefits of such alternatives and go on to discuss the likelihood of concrete mixes in the future being produced containing no cement.


4.30 pm Registration Commences - Tea and coffee will be served
5.00 pm Welcome & Introduction
5.05 pm Commencement of Speaker Presentations
7.00 pm Question time to panel of Speakers
 Light refreshments served after conclusion of event
8.00 pm Seminar closes

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