Waterproofing Concrete

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020
5:30 PM - 8:45 PM



Watertightness of concrete structures is often specified but, unfortunately, not always achieved. Even good quality concrete will allow water seepage over time. Knowing this, how do we prepare waterproofing to meet the expected standards as well as prevent future problems? Is the issue with the design or are current materials simply inadequate?
In this seminar three speakers from different industries will share their expertise regarding best practice for waterproofing concrete including:

  • the typical defects
  • the risks
  • problems in design and construction of bridges, decks, tanks, basements or underground stations/tunnels that complicate waterproofing practices; and
  • the advancements in the “waterproofing” concrete technology.
    Engineering Building, Lecture Theatre 101, Ground Floor
    Walk directly from Burwood Road, past the Advanced Technologies Building.


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Jason Jansz

Erik Marston

Karl Wootten
Australian Waterproofing Consultants (AWC)


Our Speakers

1. Jason Jansz (BASF)

Jason Jansz, from Master Builders Solutions – Construction Chemicals Division – has worked in all areas of waterproofing. He has over 12 years’ experience working the site and a material supplier perspective and over 10 years’ working in the specification arena for commercial, infrastructure and domestic facilities. During the past 12 months Jason has been project managing the waterproofing installations at MMRT station shafts. Jason will share is experience and new and refreshing insights to the realities of waterproofing at construction sites.

Topic Title
Waterproofing design, systems and installation in underground structures

About this Presentation
Jason’s presentation will look at waterproofing from a designer’s and material supplier’s perspective. He will discuss how defence mechanisms are adapted and incorporated within design and explain the importance of the selection process and why it needs to be in-keeping with the construction design, sequencing and program expectations.

Using the British code for below grade structures as a guide, Jason will look at risk assessment, the expectations of the client, protection approaches and provide examples of waterproofing technologies.

2. Eric Marston (BGEE)
Erik is an experienced Civil Engineer with over 30 years’ technical and senior management experience with concrete and admixture suppliers and contractors.  This has included roles in all states of Australia, Vietnam, and Singapore. Erik has particular interests and experience in concrete durability, concrete materials sourcing, construction chemicals, product development, concrete repair, quarry products, precast and shotcrete.

Erik has been a National Technical Manager for a major concrete supplier.  He has sat on standards committees and national supplier association committees and is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia.

Topic Title
Waterproof or Watertight? Admixtures, Additives and CPN28

About this Presentation
Erik discusses some recent interesting research into the performance of various concrete admixture types and the various roles needed to ensure a structure is watertight.

3. Karl Wootton (Australian Waterproofing Consultants)
Karl has over 30 years’ experience in the waterproofing and protective surface coatings field within the construction and remedial repair industry. Over his career he has had extensive experience in the supply, technical specification and application of waterproofing and protective coatings, working with stakeholders on all sides of contracts to provide a level of service that ensures a customer receives the right result.

Karl’s extensive knowledge base covers a wide range of product groups within the waterproofing industry, whether for above or below ground application. Karl has worked with all forms of waterproofing from liquid to sheet to cement based systems and more. As well as traditional products, Karl has a particular interest in identifying innovative solutions for difficult projects and remains up to date on the latest systems currently in use in Europe and the US used in applications such as insulated roof membranes, green roof systems, Car Park coating systems and waterproof membranes for above and below ground issues.

Through his experience in manufacture and technical specification of waterproofing materials, Karl has developed a well-tuned working knowledge of the building code and standards required for waterproofing in Australia and understands the importance of detailed technical assistance, a thorough of understanding of the built environment, and clear, concise and complete documentation to achieving a successful project outcome.

Topic Title
Waterproofing design, systems and installation in above ground structures

About this Presentation
Karl will discuss what good design looks like before any waterproofing actually takes place and how this one factor goes a long way in minimising potential defects. He looks at the various waterproofing systems on the market and what the designer must do to make prudent choices between such things as system liquid, sheet and additives etc. Finally, Karl will discuss how to identify the right membrane for a particular environment, what overlay materials to use on top as well as the standards requirements for above ground use.


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