Durability and Design

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Thursday, 17 September 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Zoom Webinar , Online, VIC CIA


Design and management of reinforced concrete structures increasingly relies on analytical models to predict serviceability limitations. Although several predictive models are being used by the industry, no standards or codes for such modelling are currently available in Australia.

The new fib Model Code 2020 (MC2020) seeks to remedy this gap somewhat. It will be a single code that will incorporate state-of-the-art durability models for a range of deterioration processes and service life predictions. Frank Papworth will discuss MC2020 durability modelling and compare it against the current industry practice.

Rodney Paull also joins us with an update on CIA Z7 Series Durability Recommended Practices and Durability Planning compared to ACI 201 & fib Model Code 2010. Rodney will share comparisons of CIA durability planning with ACI in progress and fib potential in Model Code 2020.



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Mr. Frank Papworth

Rodney Paull
GHD Principal, Technical Director & Durability Consultant - GHD


Frank Papworth (BCRC)
Frank is a director and managing consultant for BCRC. He is chairman of SRCP and PCTE. He has been involved in durability assessment for the last 40 years. He was the chair of the CIA’s durability committee for over 5 years and that was followed by 2 years as chair of the fib commission 8 ‘Concrete Durability’. He is still a member of CIA and fib durability committees and also serves on the fib commission on pulling together Model Code 2020.
Topic Title
Design Verification, Levels of Approximation & Reliability Based Design

About this Presentation
These are three important aspects of durability design that have been developing through fib Model Codes 2010 and 2020. The presentation briefly reviews the four pillars of verification i.e. full probability, partial factor, deemed to satisfy and avoidance, as a foundation for durability design. Levels of approximation was introduced in MC2010 primarily to embrace use of approaches of appropriate complexity relative to savings in cost of construction obtained. An example in assessing propagation period will be provided. Deterministic modelling of chloride and carbonation ingress has been used for many years, but its main use today is to demonstrate which variables are most influential in life calculations. Full probabilistic analysis is the recommended approach where probability of failure is needed. The two approaches will be compared.

Rodney Paull (GHD)
Rodney is GHD Principal, Technical Director & Durability Consultant. He graduated from UWA as Civil Engineer and has 37+ years’ experience in durability of new and investigation / upgrade of existing civil and building structures. Rodney spent 19 years in South East Asia / Hong Kong managing Taywood Engineering offices, UK for 1 year and the last 16+ years in Australia. Rodney is Chair of the CIA Durability Technical Committee developing and publishing the Z7 Durability Recommended Practices, he was member of BD02-002 Committee reviewing Sections 3 & 4 of AS 3600-2018, CIA nominee on ACI 201 Durable Concrete, Member Advisory Board for (English version) of China Guide to Durability Design and Construction of Concrete Structures (CCES01) and member Standards Australia Committees BD-090 & BD-090-5 for AS 5100 & AS 5100.5. 

He attended the ACI Convention in Quebec City March 2019 and gave presentations to ACI 201 Committee, met ACI Directors to discuss Durability Planning focused on ACI future development and met with Committee Chairs of ACI 318 & 207.

Topic Title
Update on CIA Z7 Series Durability Recommended Practices and Durability Planning compared to ACI 201 & fib Model Code 2010

About this Presentation
Rodney will share comparisons of CIA durability planning with ACI in progress and fib potential in Model Code 2020.


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