Careers in Concrete

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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Zoom Webinar , Online, VIC CIA


Careers in Concrete
Concerned about your employment prospects after uni? Are you wondering how to get practical experience? Are you thinking about the criteria for hiring? What are the expectations in the first year in a job? And what are the prospects of getting a job during and after a pandemic?
If these are some of the questions you have in mind for your future, then this webinar is for you.
Registration is free for everyone whether or not you are a member of the Institute.
Student Concrete Competition
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Mr. Steven Nield
Emerging Talent Recruitment Manager - ANZ, Aurecon

Dr. Scott Menegon
Research Fellow - Swinburne University

Mr. Spencer Morris

Mr. James Papargiris

Ms. Mariah Vasiliadis
Aqua Metro Services


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Steven Nield - Aurecon

Steven is Aurecon's Emerging Talent Recruitment Manager so who better to give you the inside track on what industry looks for when hiring new graduates! Steven will reveal the tips and tricks you need to get hired. Visit again for more info.

Dr Scott Menegon  - Swinburne University

Dr Scott Menegon is a Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology. He received his PhD from Swinburne where he was the joint inaugural recipient of the prestigious Dr William Piper Brown AM scholarship. Scott’s primary research interests include precast concrete structures and the seismic behaviour of RC buildings in Australia and other regions of low to moderate seismicity. Scott is a Chartered Professional Engineer (structural) and has experience designing buildings in the health, government, education, transport and residential sectors.

The New Recruits - My First Year on the Job
Does uni really prepare you for the expectations of industry? Hear about a graduate's first year out in the real world.

Emerging Engineers

Spencer Morris - ramsetreid
I graduated from NC State University (USA) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering in 2016 and worked as a site project manager for a year before moving to Australia. After a year travelling as a backpacker, I began working in my current role as a Graduate Structural Engineer at ramsetreid, specializing in structural precast lifting.

Topic Title
Making My Own Luck

About this Talk
I arrived in Australia knowing no-one so making connections in the industry was the only way to find work. You never know when opportunity will present itself. All you can do is be prepared to take advantage of it when it does. And that’s what I did. We make our own luck when we are prepared for whatever life presents us with, professionally or otherwise. In my chat, I will share what I did to make connections in the industry and how I managed to succeeded in getting a job. I’ll also talk about the things I wish I knew when I first started so you get a heads up on how to succeed in the industry.

James Papargiris - Aurecon
I’m a former student at the University of Melbourne. In 2016, I joined Aurecon as a structural engineering summer intern and continued to work three days a week during the final year of my masters. I finished my Master of Engineering in 2017 and went on to full time work with Aurecon in the buildings unit. Since then, I’ve been a part of multiple large scale projects including stadiums, towers and infrastructure like the West Gate Tunnel Project.
How to Get to Where You Want to Be
About this Talk
University is designed to define people by their intellectual intelligence. Most of the hurdles that determine a student’s level of success at university are based on this measure - tests, exams, assignments are perfect examples. It’s a great way to determine intellectual capability but how well do these measures hold up when trying to secure a job and being successful once you leave university?

Mariah Vasiliadis - Aqua Metro Services
  • Bachelor of Science (Chemical Systems) 2015 – The University of Melbourne
  • Master of Engineering (Civil) 2018 – The University of Melbourne
  • Graduate Diploma of Construction Law – The University of Melbourne (Current)
I was still studying for my Bachelor of Science (Chemical Systems) at The University of Melbourne when I started working part time for Aqua Metro. When I completed my degree I was invited to work on full time basis whilst completing my Masters of Engineering. I am now the sole Project Engineer for our Geopolymer relining product – Geokrete. I’m responsible for the construction of such things as sewer manholes, drainage pipelines, wetlands upgrades and retarding basis rectification. I’ve continued my professional development by undertaking a Graduate Diploma of Construction Law.

Topic Title

Sink or Swim – Making the Most of Opportunities

About this Talk

As a young engineer, working in a small start-up company, I was given a lot of opportunities to rise to the occasion. Four months in to my part time role as an undergraduate engineer, I was given my own project to run, working part time and studying full time.


Every day in project engineering you are presented with new challenges, mishaps and these are ways for you to learn and gain new skills. Be open to challenging yourself, make mistakes, learn from them and learn to swim in turbid waters.


Time Who Description
4:00 David Millar (CIA) Log in
4:05 David Millar (CIA) Welcome and Introductions
4:10 Steven Nield (Aurecon) Careers in Concrete
Tips and Tricks
4:25 David Millar
+ 3 x emerging engineers
(supplier, contractor, consultant)
Q&A session
4:40 Scott Menegon Beam Test (use time lapse video, slowed down at important stages).
4:50 Scott Menegon Explain the beam failures (can overlap with the beam test)
4:55 David Millar (CIA) e-Concrete website demo
5:00 David Millar Close and instructions for breakout rooms
5:00 – 5:30PM Various facilitators Break out room – Networking, Info Sharing and Questions

The webinar will run from 4:00 - 5:00pm and is based on NSW time (Australian Eastern Standard Time). A networking session will continue for around 30 after 5:00 PM.
Delegates will be sent login details and a password for this webinar prior to the event by email.


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