Webinar - Recycled & Waste Products in Concrete

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Thursday, 15 April 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM




With an ever increasing demand for concrete and concrete structures to be made more sustainable, the use of recycled materials or waste products in the production of concrete has become more important than ever before.

This webinar will explore just a couple of these alternatives being offered in Australia at the moment, and will provide the delegate with some practical outcomes to consider when designing and specifying concrete with recycled or waste material.


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Dr. Farzad Moghaddam
Senior Materials Engineer - BORAL

Mr. Nathan Barrell
General Manager - Concrete Solutions & Business Improvement - BORAL


Presentation 1: Transforming Bottom Ash into Products  

Large scale use of coal in power generation gives rise to significant quantities of Coal ash. There are two types of coal ash − fly ash and bottom ash. Fly ash is made up of light, fine ash particles that can be easily eroded by wind and rain whereas bottom ash is made up of heavy, coarse ash particles which fall to the bottom of the boiler at the power stations. 

This presentation will explore some technical feasibility, development opportunities and major challenges of using bottom ash in construction applications. In addition, it will look at the current quantities of this material in Australia. 

Speaker - Nathan Barrell: General Manager - Concrete Solutions & Business Improvement, BORAL

Presentation 2: Use of Recycling Waste Glass in Manufacturing Concrete 

Waste reduction and recycling are very important elements in a waste management framework because they help to conserve natural resources and reduce demand for valuable landfill space. One of these waste materials which has created a lot of challenges for the industry is glass waste. A pathway to utilize waste glass is to manufacture infrastructure materials such as concrete. Waste glass can be crushed into particles and mixed in concrete for partial replacement of cement, sand, and/or coarse aggregates. 

This presentation will explore the technological feasibility of using glass waste in concrete manufacturing and discuss the current major challenges of doing this. In addition, the product development needs and opportunities will be investigated. 

Speaker - Dr Farzad Moghaddam: Senior Materials Engineer, BORAL


The webinar will run from 2.00pm to approx. 3.00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

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