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Wednesday, 16 June 2021
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Kirribilli Club
11 Harbourview Crescent , Lavender Bay NSW 2060


Recent revisions to Australian Standards for concrete and composite buildings and the National Construction Code have introduced many new requirements for design and detailing which all those responsible for work in this area must know and understand. 
Understanding the interaction between the National Construction Code and the Concrete Construction Code is vital in satisfying the requirements of both.  Jim Forbes will provide an overview of this interaction and also look at the new Amendment 2 and commentary to AS 3600.
The changes to the serviceability requirements in AS 3600 have received less attention than some of the other major changes but include both detailed changes and major revisions that must be fully understood to ensure compliance with the code.  Gianluca Ranzi will present the changes and the background information required to ensure their successful implementation.
Finally, Mark Bradford will discuss the significant changes in the latest Australian codes for design of composite steel and concrete columns, as covered in the 2017 release of AS 2327, and why this code is significant both in Australia and overseas.
This seminar is recommended to all those involved in the design of concrete and composite buildings to Australian code requirements.


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Mr. Jim Forbes
Consultant - Arcadis

Professor Gianluca Ranzi
Professor, Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering - The University of Sydney

Professor Mark Bradford
Scientia Professor, Centre for Infrastructure, Engineering and Safety - University of New South Wales


Jim Forbes, Consultant, Arcadis 
The National Construction Code & AS 3600 
The National Construction Code (NCC) provides performance requirements for many aspects of the building and construction industry. The Concrete Structures Code is one of the most important Standards in the industry, having been around in some form since 1934, with the most recent edition published in 2018. Jim will discuss how these two documents fit together to become a vital part of the building regulatory environment in Australia. 

In addition, Jim will cover some of the background to the recent Amendment 2 of AS 3600 and where this code, and those like it, are going in the future.  He will also introduce the totally revised and updated Commentary to the Code. 

Gianluca Ranzi, Professor, Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering, University of Sydney
Serviceability limit state design in accordance with AS3600: 2018
This presentation will focus on the serviceability limit state design recommendations specified in AS 3600:2018. Particular attention will be provided in highlighting aspects related to this limit state that were introduced in the 2018 version of the Standard and in the following two amendments. Background information to some of these design requirements will also be presented to provide better insight into their basis and derivation. 

Mark Bradford, Scientia Professor, Centre for Infrastructure, Engineering & Safety, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of NSW.
Composite Columns of Steel and Concrete to AS2327

Design standards for composite steel-concrete structures in Australia date back to a supplement of the concrete structures code AS 1480 published in 1974, and a separate composite code was not published until 1980 as “AS 2327.1-1980 Composite structures: simply-supported beams”.  This code dealt with partial interaction and partial shear connection, being relevant to a rise in the construction of composite beams and slabs. Although it had been intended to increase the scope of AS2327 considerably by considering such applications as columns and continuous beams, little progress was made until the release of “AS2327 Composite structures–Composite steel-concrete construction in buildings” in 2017 as a joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand document.  This was, therefore, the first time that composite columns of steel and concrete were mandated in an Australian design standard.
This presentation presents a background to the column rules of AS2327, describing the application of the procedure to concrete-encased steel columns and concrete-filled steel tubes. It presents the rationale for designing columns within an Australian context, and it is concluded that the standard probably the most comprehensive worldwide for composite columns of steel and concrete.



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