Membership Categories & Benefits

Members form the largest category of Members and exercise over 65% of voting rights. Individual Members come from diverse backgrounds, including design, engineering, construction, supply and industry practitioners; and are primarily interested in industry development and having access to knowledge and career support.
Membership is designed for professionals and industry practitioners who are no longer studying and are under 35 years of age. This category of Membership  is designed to attract young Members to participate in the full range of Member activities and benefits at an affordable price. Individual Young Members are primarily interested in knowledge development and career support.
Members are recognised by the Institute for their vast knowledge and experience, and seeks to retain their important involvement and contribution. Retired Members retain the full rights of Individual Members. To be eligible for Retired Membership you must have been a continuous Member of the Institute for at least the last five years, over the age of 60 and no longer working full time.
Membership levels are designed principally for organisations having operations in more than one state in Australia and who would seek to (a) provide a number of staff with professional development opportunities around the country, and (b) obtain substantial promotional opportunities from their Membership commitment. It is envisaged that large to medium sized companies in the industry would take out such Membership. This level is also designed for Federal and State Government Departments. 
BRONZE Membership is designed specifically for organisations operating only in one state of Australia. Included in this level, but not limited to this list, it is envisaged that organisations such as small products and materials suppliers, small contracting firms, small to medium consulting firms and small or Local Government organisations would be suited to this level.
Membership covers ALL academic, teaching, research and technical staff engaged by the academic institution.
Student Membership is available to students enrolled full time in a course of study related to concrete technology and practice as applied in the design, construction, supply, provision of materials and maintenance of concrete structures.
Membership is designed for other industry associations and provides Company Member benefits that are tailored to suit these associations. Association Membership is available at the levels of Gold, Silver and Bronze. Associations may also enter into a MoU with the Concrete Institute to encourage collaboration and co-operation between the parties.
All levels of Association Membership (including Bronze) are nationally based memberships and provide the opportunity to nominate both staff and committee members as Representative Members.
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