Concrete In Australia

The Concrete In Australia Committee is responsible for the management of the Institute’s magazine program. The Committee develops the strategy and objectives for the magazine and evaluates and selects the publisher and suppliers. The Committee undertakes a formal annual review of the magazine, including the overall structure, departments, editorial content, advertising policies and ‘look and feel’. Member feedback is sought through formal research. The magazine program is further supported by an Editorial Committee, which provides content and technical advice and technical proof reading.
The policies of the Concrete in Australia Committee and the financing of the magazine is approved by the Council of the Institute.


Editorial Committee

Convenor Arnaud Castel
Editor Desi Corbett



Notice Board

Meeting Dates

Policies And Procedures

Members are able to view Concrete In Australia Online. The online magazine features a search engine, an archive of issues since March 2008 and a user friendly way of searching individual pages. Members may also download each of the issues as pdf's.