News bulletin 04:
News bulletin 04: 28 Jan 2020

The Victoria Government has created a job bank for enterprises – including concreting service providers, manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products, and producers of cement and lime - to register their details for contract opportunities to work on the North East Link over the next eight years.

The search is on for a construction firm to build the Morley-Ellenbrook Line of the Perth Metronet main works contract with the Request for Proposal released to the market. The successful company will design, construct and commission the new rail line.

Dean of UNSW Built Environment, Prof Helen Lochhead, has said alternative materials such as "concrete as opposed to timber" along with masonry, brickwork or rammed earth should be considered when rebuilding structures following the bushfires. Also in news that might prove timely, the Victoria Government has released a consultation on the design of eight schools.

A Y-shaped 165 metre reinforced concrete tower is being built as part of the new Komurhan Bridge in Turkey (pictured), using 160,000 mᶟ of concrete. When complete it will be the fourth single pylon cable-stayed bridge in the world.

A report on wearable technology in construction says it has the potential to transform the industry, improving safety and efficiency for workers. The wearable tech industry is worth more than US$23 billion and is expected to more than double within three years.

3D construction technology is also moving ahead with Armatron Systems in the US being granted a patent for construction printing tech that the company reports can create an 18 metre slab of concrete in less than a minute.