News bulletin 11:
News bulletin 11: 17 Mar 2020

The use of recycled material in construction projects is being boosted in Victoria through a new program:  Recycled First. The program will incorporate recycled and reused materials that meet existing standards for road and rail projects with recycled aggregates, crushed concrete, reclaimed pavements and others taking precedence over new materials.

Researchers at Calgary University (pictured) in Canada have discovered a chemical reaction with nanoparticles being added to the cement mix that could lead to stronger concrete while using much less materials for the mix.

Expressions of interest are being sought by the WA Government for the design and construct of an 8.8 km-long third lane on the Mitchell Freeway.

Institute Silver Member GHD has released a free downloadable book, which they're calling a "Future of Engineering 4.0 Thoughtbook" - Tomorrow's Thinking. Today's People. Included are industry leaders, academia, and people from the arts and humanities who comment on the future of the discipline of engineering.

The BBC has looked at the spectacular successes and failures of some historic and modern dams in places like Ancient Egypt, France, China, and Italy in this recent article.

To make black concrete, iron oxide is added to the mix – the iron oxide particles encompass and coat the cement particles and the amount of pigment is dosed based on the amount of cement, not sand, gravel or water. Seven projects are explored in this article.