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News bulletin 12 -> 30 Mar 2021

A carbon neutral logistics and industrial facility to be built with Boral's low carbon concrete will be constructed in Perth. The project is expected to influence supply chains in the construction industry, with the potential to help kick-start Australia's uptake of low carbon materials.

Tenders are now open for eight weeks for the Parkes Bypass Upgrade project, a 10.5 km road including bridges, in NSW. The successful head contractor for the main construction contract will commence work before the end of the year, however, all interested tenderers will attend a mandatory pre-tender meeting and site inspection in Parkes on Tuesday 20 April.

A team involving Monash University's Department of Civil Engineering along with seven other universities is developing a robotic technology research facility focused on structural assembly and construction automation. It will feature a flexible and adaptive design, space for collaborative robotics, and an interactive environment to achieve automated prefabrication, assembly and building.

­­­­­­­Data breaches in the construction industry cost almost US$5 million in 2020 and are expected to rise by 2022, according industry reports. There are four recommendations in this article for protecting company corporate network and data.

A start-up in Russia has developed a proprietary construction 3D printing approach to 3D concrete printing dome houses that can be built in the shortest possible time, with better quality and less expense. Printed Dome uses a boom construction 3D printer (pictured), printing the shell from the centre of the building layer by layer around the printer.

Lafarge Cement Hungary Ltd is implementing a new concept for the front end of one of its kilns to reduce moisture content of alternative fuel. It consists of a system that enables the plant to feed two parallel alternative fuel streams simultaneously, which will be implemented by A TEC Group this year.