News bulletin 14:
News bulletin 14: 16 Apr 2019

The Victorian Government is conducting a comprehensive review of the state's building and planning approvals processes to cut red tape in order to remove delays and support the delivery of infrastructure.

The US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory in Illinois was testing a 3D-printed reinforced concrete bridge to withstand 15,000 pounds but found it could withstand three times that.

This ultra-modern concrete house on a rural hillside 30 minutes outside of Adelaide comes with a pool and tennis court and a price tag of $5 million.

Workers have alleged that the wrong type of concrete was used on sections of London's Crossrail project, which is two years behind schedule and over-budget, requiring it to be ripped out and done again.

A research team has received a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to develop hemp as an industrially relevant renewable fibre for construction for concrete.

The design and construction of a concrete stadium built in 2009 is the subject of a lawsuit in the US that calls it a catastrophic failure, with images showing large cracks in the structure.
Image: Paddington Station in the Crossrail project.