News bulletin-17:
News bulletin-17: 1 May 2018

Graphene has been incorporated into traditional concrete production by researchers at the University of Exeter, resulting in a low-cost composite material they say is twice as strong and four times more water-resistant than existing concrete and without defects.

The ACT Government has put the construction industry on notice in response to community feedback about building quality. It has introduced changes to licensing requirements for builders who have had regular complaints made against them, and from 2019 up to 20% will need to pass a test to renew their licences.

Structural engineer Jenny Burridge talks about minimising the environmental impact of concrete and focusing on the use of cement now and in future practice.

The NSW Government has introduced a pilot program of its State Design Review Panel (SDRP) made up of 40 members. The panel will assist the Government Architect and Department of Planning and Environment with design and planning advice on projects that are State Significant Developments.

Take a look at 87 Weston St, a bespoke building in London with a concrete shell with load bearing walls that create a stepped series of eight interlocking apartments much like a 3D puzzle.

Austroads has released a report following on from the investigations into the development and implementation of a national automated bridge assessment framework, outlining the ongoing validation works and recommended activities to assist in its deployment.

Image: 87 Weston St, bespoke concrete building with stepped interlocking apartments via Concrete Quarterly.