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News bulletin 17 -> 4 May 2021

Two French engineers who worked on the concrete cover for the Chernobyl reactor in Ukraine have moved to what they say is an even more challenging project, Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel.

Civmec, Seymour Whyte and WSP, and Decmil, Arup and SRG, have been shortlisted as consortia to design and construct Western Australia’s Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge in Perth CBD. The contract for the six metre-wide bridge will be awarded later this year with construction to start mid-2022.

A curvy concrete solution that has zero waste has been created by researchers at The University of Melbourne’s School of Design. Curvecrete uses an adjustable mould frame for casting doubly curved concrete panels for visual impact.

A development application lodged with City of Sydney for two 20-storey towers to be built in Alexandria is being exhibited until 19 May. The design was the winner of a competition.

A dam built in 1995 across a tributary of the Colorado River in the US is showing signs of settling and moving more than expected, with a report stating that the probability of a serious dam safety incident will only increase over time as deformations continue.

Along with a number of other countries, India is now 3D-printing houses. Netherlands also prints houses made up of 24 concrete units made off-site, which use a third less concrete.

The construction industry has the highest rate of male suicide in Australia with men in the industry 53% more likely to die by their own hand than any other employed males in Australia. This article questions why it is so widespread.