News bulletin 23:
News bulletin 23: 13 Jun 2017

NSW Bronze member Northrop Consulting Engineers has appointed a new CEO to lead the 340 employees of the firm which has an annual turnover of $50 million.

Authors are invited to submit papers for the annual Australian Earthquake Engineering Society (AEES) Conference being held from 24-26 November 2017 in Canberra. Abstracts of no more than 250 are due by Thursday, 15 June, with full papers due 1 September 2017.
Topics may include:
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Engineering seismology
  • Blast induced ground motion
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Emergency management and insurance
  • Mine induced seismicity
  • Building codes
  • Earthquake hazard
  • Disaster response
  • Risk modelling
  • Tsunami.
Alternatively papers can also be relevant to the conference sessions on:
  • Australian Ground Motion Hazard Map
  • Damage and Control
  • Australian Earthquake Resistant Building Codes
  • Masonry Buildings.
A highlight of the conference will include a special tour of the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre at Geoscience Australia.
There are many awe-inspiring structural feats around the world but dams, in particular, are intricately designed structures. Here are 12 of the most interesting dams around the globe, including the Gordon Dam in Tasmania.
The New Zealand Government has released further geotechnical guidance developed as a result of the Canterbury Earthquake Royal Commission. NZ Building and Construction Minister Nick Smith says the new geotechnical modules are on methods for improving ground conditions and retaining wall design along with a new field guide to help geotechnical professionals assess and categorise land instability after an earthquake.

Image: Kariba Dam, Zimbabwe. Source: Marcus Wishart/World Bank Group (via Interesting Engineering).