News bulletin-23:
News bulletin-23: 12 Jun 2018

Rocla’s concrete sleeper plant in Mittagong in NSW’s Southern Highlands has sent its first delivery by train of 9000 sleepers for the first stage of the Inland Rail project. 200,000 sleepers will be produced for the company’s $20 million contract and will be delivered over the next six months.

The largest concrete beams ever made in the Northern Territory – 36.5 metre T-beams weighing 78.5 tonnes are being transported in a convoy from Darwin to Western Australia.

Turkey has completed construction of a 764 km concrete wall along its border with Syria, with 564 km of it built by the country’s housing developer Toki.

The court case featuring the falsified concrete tests on the Hong Kong-Macao-Zhuhai Bridge is now in full swing with a senior lab technician admitting defrauding authorities by signing off tests on concrete that were faked.

Insulated concrete forms are preferred by architects and designers for their advantages that include reduced build time, labour savings and thermal efficiency, however, their acoustic properties have been largely overlooked until now.

Japanese studio Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office has completed a mixed-use building in Tokyo featuring a jumbled composition of concrete rooms that create spaces for small balconies and gardens.

Rocla’s concrete sleepers. Source: ARTC