News bulletin 24:
News bulletin 24: 16 Jun 2020

Institute Gold Member Boral has teamed up with the University of Technology Sydney in a five-year partnership with the aim to accelerate product innovation, research and development, and commercialisation of low carbon concrete.

The Western Australia Government has selected a senior infrastructure professional and public sector leader as CEO of Infrastructure WA. The new CEO starts work on 1 August for a five-year term and will guide future infrastructure investment in the state and help create a pipeline of jobs.

Professor of Construction Management, Martin Loosemore, says universities have a critical role to play in the current NSW building reforms as the state government's response to the Shergold-Weir Report. Loosemore, of UTS, says problems in the tertiary system have "undoubtedly contributed to the crisis in confidence in the construction industry".

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has announced it intends to improve the construction industry's capability and capacity to be an attractive place to work and has appointed its first CEO.  The general manager of IT at Women in Design and Construction (WIDAC) says many women would like to work in construction but find the environment within the sector harsh and toxic and often opt out.

Institute Bronze Member AECOM has released its third annual global report, The Future of Infrastructure: Creating Opportunity for Everyone, saying it demonstrates investment in the sector has the power to alleviate economic and social distress and create opportunities for generations to come.

Lyles School of Engineering at Purdue University in the US is investigating different types of highly porous, sand-like materials (internal curing agents) to mix into concrete to make it self-seal off cracks caused by cold weather and prevent water from seeping into the concrete and corroding steel or rebar reinforcement.

Architecture awards have been held in two regions of Australia with many winners featuring concrete in various settings. The Bridge of Remembrance won an award in Tasmania's 2020 Architecture Awards while an Indigenous war memorial and the ANU College of Law were awarded in the ACT.