News bulletin 27:
News bulletin 27: 7 Jul 2020

China has announced the completion of the world's first combined bridge, the Shanghai-Suhou-Nantong Bridge, with a main span of 1092 metres following 6 years and 4 months of construction at a cost of US$2.1 billion.

Meanwhile in Turkey, the country has opened one of the largest suspension bridges in the world, the Osman Gazi Bridge, whose tower is 10 metres higher than the Sydney Tower and was assembled by an Australian crane company.

A new concrete house built on Sydney's Lower North Shore displays the plasticity of concrete, according to its architects. Almora House's construction maximised the building's longevity and  sustainability, and features undulating concrete ceilings and generous slabs.

New Zealand has launched a new program for the building and construction sector to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the construction phase and afterward, making energy efficiency and carbon emissions the core considerations as much as cost and aesthetics.

RMIT has a new ARC research hub, the Transformation of Reclaimed Waste Resources to Engineered Materials and Solutions for a Circular Economy (TREMS) that will focus on reducing landfill waste and transforming reclaimed waste into new materials for use in construction.

There has been speculation from a Chinese hydrologist that the Three Gorges Dam could be in danger of collapse due to torrential rain, however, the country's government has opened its spillways which appears to have caused flooding. And in Canada, residents in Manitoba have been evacuated over concerns about the structural integrity of a 60-year-old dam following examination by engineers after heavy rain. You can watch videos of this here.

Fast-tracking construction projects in Australia has the potential for construction sector businesses to ignore the risks involved and having to live with "poor quality, ill-conceived and environmentally damaging developments for decades", according to UTS Professor of Construction Management, Martin Loosemore.

Image: Shanghai-Suhou-Nantong Bridge under construction. Source: