News bulletin 28 ->
News bulletin 28 -> 20 Jul 2021

Hutchinson Builders and other organisations have taken aim at the state of the construction industry in Australia, calling it a “$360 billion house of cards” and totally unsustainable, in urgent need of reform, with insolvency numbers growing.

A ‘medium’ alert has been issued by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ASCS) having identified a growing trend affecting construction companies and their customers. Cybercriminals are targeting builders and construction companies with fraudulent business email compromise (BEC) scams.

The closure of all Sydney construction sites for the latest COVID lockdown will cost $1 billion a week, according to the Australian Constructors Association. This 9 ½ minute audio item from the ABC Radio National tells more. 7News reported that D&M Excavations and Hanson Concrete, both in Greenacre, Sydney, were listed as COVID exposure sites last week.

A development application has been lodged with planning authorities in Queensland for a 30-story tower designed by Nettleton Tribe (pictured) for the state’s CFMEU.

Sydney construction sub-contractors recorded a 500% spike in demand for early payment a few weeks prior to the most recent lockdown of the city. Earlytrade, an ANZ supply chain payment network for 60,000 businesses, said there is “fear and panic” among sub-contractors.

HeidelbergCement has announced plans to upgrade its Swedish facility using carbon capture technology, which will see it become the world’s first carbon neutral cement plant by 2030. However, there are also media reports that the Cementa plant in Slite, Sweden, was stripped of its licence to mine limestone due to environmental grounds and may have to stop production by November.