News bulletin 30:
News bulletin 30: 28 Jul 2020

Two high-level concept designs have been released for the new Bridgewater Bridge in Tasmania. The Early Contractor Involvement process will start in the coming weeks with a Request for Proposal stage, which will see two tenderers selected to enter a competitive design process for the $576 million river bridge.

The online Victorian Major Projects Pipeline portal has been launched with the aim of helping the state's construction sector's contractors, suppliers and businesses to find more opportunities to be part of major project delivery across Victoria.

Researchers at Empa Materials Science and Technology in Switzerland have created a new concrete formula and produced self-prestressed concrete elements, making it possible to build lean structures much more cost-effectively and save material at the same time.

Eden Innovations in WA has secured a long-term $69 million contract to sell its carbon-strengthened concrete additive EdenCrete to a company constructing a 'cleanable-hybrid' facility in the US. The good news for the company follows a significant order from Parchem Construction Supplies.

An MIT study says small changes in roadway paving practices could reduce loss of efficiency and potentially eliminate 0.50% of total greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector at little to no cost. The researchers looked into systemic environmental and economic impacts and suggest upgrading asphalt surfaces to concrete pavements.

MoDusArchitects has designed curved tunnel entrances (pictured) and acoustic barriers in the mountains in Italy. Designer Omer Arbel has partially built a home in Vancouver as a test bed for experiments into the properties of concrete, with photos and a video available to view. The home when complete will have a series of 10 tree-like concrete forms up to 10 metres high to become the structure's ceiling.