News bulletin 37:
News bulletin 37: 15 Sep 2020

Adbri (Adelaide Brighton) has renewed its contract with BHP to supply cement and lime to Olympic Dam Mine until 2026. The company intends to be around for a long time as it has also extended its lease of Sellicks Hill Quarry until 2090 to secure its South Australian supply of limestone. This reportedly coincides with a rise in local cement consumption.

Icon Constructions has made two new appointments to its NSW leadership, a new NSW Director to lead all business in the state who came from Lendlease, and a new NSW Executive Director formerly of Cockram.

South Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) has released a tender for recycled crushed glass to replace natural sand in roads and footpaths in line with TfNSW and AUS-SPEC. It hopes to cost-effectively obtain materials and services with all eligible NSW suppliers to provide non-structural concrete and asphalt.

Architects Fender Katsalidis discuss the challenges of connecting two existing buildings in Brisbane that is a real engineering feat for structural engineers, Inertia Engineering, with builders, Hutchinson Builders, aiming for minimum construction and 90% demolition waste recycling.

A Swiss university spin-off, Neustark, has created technology so concrete recycling plants can store carbon dioxide long-term. It binds CO2 in the pores and on the surface of concrete granulate as limestone which can be mixed into fresh concrete, replacing sand and gravel.

Researchers at Clemson University, South Carolina, have been able to combine waste vegetable oil and sulphur to create an eco-friendly, stable and lightweight cement substitute that can be remelted.