News bulletin 43:
News bulletin 43: 5 Nov 2019

NSW has launched a global search has begun for companies capable of building more than 50 km of tunnels for the Western Sydney Metro project, which will be the largest tunnelling contract in Australia's history.
The Queensland Government has appointed Fitzgerald Constructions Australia, a specialist marine works and bridge builder, to build Brisbane's Neville Bonner Bridge, named after Australia's first Indigenous parliamentarian.

Government figures show that more women are active in Victoria's labour market than ever so the Victorian Government has launched a strategy to encourage more women to consider a career in construction.

The National Transportation Safety Board in the US has released a report on the probable cause of the collapse of the Florida International University pedestrian bridge in March 2018 (pictured).

Engineers at the Military Studies Center at the Far Eastern Federal University in Russia have developed a new concrete with improved impact endurance, with up to 40% of it made from waste and 6-9 times more crackle-resistant under GOST standards.

Steel-reinforced plastic void formers made from recycled plastic have replaced up to 35% of reinforced concrete in slabs in a two-building development in Germany. The construction team said they saved 1613 tonnes of concrete and prevented 136 tonnes of CO2 emissions without risking structural weakness.