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News bulletin 5 -> 9 Feb 2021

A Himalayan glacier that broke, causing a massive avalanche of debris to fall into a river and slam into the Dhauli Ganga hydro project (pictured) in India, has been captured on video.

Multiplex has a couple of videos to watch on its site featuring innovative engineering and construction solutions and installation of the fa├žade at Quay Quarter Tower in Sydney.

Architects Durbach Block Jaggers have designed a 6.4 metre-wide to be known as the Pencil Tower Hotel for Sydney CBD to be built between two existing towers and will include a six-storey podium section using traditional concrete columns and slabs. When completed it will be the thinnest skyscraper in Australia.

Infrastructure Australia's chief of policy and research has released an article questioning 'Is 2020 an anomaly or a cautionary tale for the infrastructure sector?' saying the way the infrastructure sector operates needs to change.

An iconic and infamous brutalist building – the Burroughs Wellcome Building – has been demolished in the USA. Images of the building from the past and the present are included in this article.

The Global Cement and Concrete Association has released an overview of concrete's role in its 2050 climate ambition regarding concrete's intrinsic sustainability features and policy levers GCCA is considering for its 2021 roadmap.