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News bulletin 7 -> 23 Feb 2021

The Group CEO and Managing Director of Lendlease has announced his retirement and the CEO of Asia Lendlease will step into the role.

New Zealand's State Highway 1 that runs through the Managamuka Gorge is being repaired (pictured) following a number of land slips caused by heavy rain in 2020. Forty-nine 20 m concrete piles have been installed to support the road. Installation of capping beams attached to the top of each pile is the next stage.

Engineers have replaced water with water concentrate of bacteria Bacillus cohnii which repaired concrete cracks with a width of 0.2 to 0.6 mm within 28 days. The researchers at the Polytechnic Institute at the Far Eastern Federal University have reported the results in the journal, Sustainability.

This New Civil Engineer article talks about innovative propping for excavation of the Chelsea shaft in the Thames Tideway megaproject in London, UK, with two methods of concreting used in the excavation. There's more on this project in News Bulletin 3 from 26 January.

Concrete slipforming has begun this week in Norway for the construction of concrete hulls that will carry wind turbines for a floating offshore wind farm. The turbines will be installed on concrete SPAR-type floating foundations.

A barrel-vaulted concrete office has been built for a wine business in Chile at the foot of the Andes Mountains, referencing ancient underground cellars traditionally used for wine storage. Pigmented concrete was used to create a trio of arching vaults over the office which are raised on trusses to sit against the sloping site.