News bullletin 23:
News bullletin 23: 9 Jun 2020

More than 200,000 tonnes of the old concrete surface of the M1 Pacific Motorway have been recycled into the new upgrade between Tuggerah and Doyalson in NSW. On what is one of Australia's largest recycled concrete projects, the Member for Terrigal says recycling the concrete means fewer trucks on the road and less new materials; saving time and money while reducing environmental pressures.

Registered architects are invited to nominate for the role of Western Australia Government Architect, a position responsible for design leadership, strategic advice and involved in all policies on development and major projects in the state. Applications close 17 June 2020.
The Queensland Government has released an independent report that has revealed details of structural and stability issues in the Paradise Dam built near Bundaberg between 2003-2005 (pictured). In the construction, low cementitious roller compacted concrete was used which "may have intrinsically been incapable of meeting the design values", according to the report.
New laws set to reform the NSW building sector and introduce a registration scheme for professional engineers have been passed in the state's parliament. Engineers Australia CEO Dr Bronwyn Evans says this will lift professionals' standards and significantly benefit the community and the profession.
Researchers at Empa Materials Science and Technology in Switzerland are working on components for dioxide-negative concrete. Reducing the proportion of limestone is part of developing eco-cement, they say, and in addition to CSA cement, the team is looking at substitute constituents that accumulate as waste materials in other industries.
Civil construction occupations such as bridge, road and tunnel constructors should be listed as essential skills on the Australian Government's Apprenticeships National Skills Needs List, according to the Civil Contractors Federation National, so industry can attract more apprentices and upskill the existing workforce. The federation has also released its latest member survey report.