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While there is a statutory requirement under the National Construction Code (NCC) to design and detail the majority of buildings in Australia for earthquake loading, the seismic performance and design of reinforced concrete buildings is an area that is generally not understood well by structural engineers in Australia. Combined with conflicts between the concrete structures and earthquake loading Standards, and the reinforcement detailing requirements within the Standard often being difficult to interpret and apply with confidence, there is a need for further training in this important area.

To address the need for education in this often overlooked area, the Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA) has published the new Seismic Guide, and in conjunction with the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) and supported by the Australian Earthquake Engineering Society (AEES) are providing this webinar which is based on a series of very informative and successful seminars that were delivered Nationally at a cost of $200 to CIA members.

This webinar is presented by some of Australia’s leading experts in the field of earthquake engineering and addresses a wide range of topics that deal with some of the most common issues faced when designing and detailing buildings for earthquake loading, from the seismic hazard in Australia and how earthquakes impact buildings (including the valuable lessons learnt from past earthquakes and current research), to design recommendations that can be taken to ensure that reinforced concrete buildings provide the important life safety in these extreme events.

Webinar Package Standard Inclusions
This webinar will include all of the material from the National seminars:

  • Ability to watch the webinar (presenter video and Powerpoint presentation) at you own pace over a 90-day period, with the option to rewind, pause, forward and return to where you’ve left off at a later date
  • Speaker presentations in PDF
  • Reference notes in PDF, which cover John Woodside’s presentation and the research papers referred to by the speakers in their presentations
  • Published copy of the SRIA’s Guide to Seismic Design and Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Australia
  • Links to FEMA and the Canterbury Earthquake Royal Commission findings, both of which are referred to in the presentations
Note that details of recipients of the Guide will be passed on to the SRIA for the sole purpose of informing of any future updates.  

Additional hardcopies of the Guide to Seismic Design and Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Australia
Additional copies of the above Guide can be purchased from the SRIA by visiting their web site at Alternatively, a pdf copy can be downloaded for free from the SRIA web site

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Mr. Scott Munter – Executive Director, SRIA
Dr. Paul Somerville – AECOM, Risk Frontiers and President of AEES
Mr. Peter McBean – Joint Managing Director, Wallbridge and Gilbert and Vice President of AEES
Mr. John Woodside – Principal,  J Woodside Consulting  
Mr. Eric Lume – National Engineer, SRIA
Dr. Helen Goldsworthy – Associate Professor, School of Engineering, University of Melbourne

Session 1 Introduction to Seismic Guide, Earthquakes and Reinforcing Materials
Presented by Scott Munter. Duration 21 minutes
Session 2 Earthquakes and Austrailian Seismic Hazard
Presented by Paul Somerville. Duration 18 minutes
Session 3 Earthquake Design Principles
Prensented by Peter McBean. Duration 30 minutes
Session 4 Important Design Aspects from the new Seismic Guide
Presented by John Woodside. Duration 32 minutes
Session 5 Primary Reinforcement Detailing Issues
Presented by Eric Lume. Duration 32 minutes
Session 6 Research for Future Standards Improvement and Concrete Walls
Presented by Helen Goldsworthy. Duration 41 minutes
Session 7 Lessons learnt from Christchurch, key Seismic Design Recommendations and Australian Seismic Design Case Study
Presented by Peter McBean. Duration 41 minutes