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Formwork has a major impact on the quality, cost and time to build concrete structures. In addition, its sound design and construction is essential to ensure safety during construction. The focus of this series of notes is to provide the reader with guidance on formwork planning, design and construction. Much of the information presented can be found in the Concrete Institute of Australia: Z36 Formwork Handbook


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Lecture Notes - Hard Copy

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  • Contributors: Stephen Ferguson, Justin Smith
To optimise formwork costs and minimise the time for its construction, the contractor needs to understand the guiding principles of safe and efficient formwork construction. He must also have some insight into the relative merits of the various methods, and should appreciate the practical details of formwork construction. This is a practical, heavily illustrated and comprehensive manual for the construction industry. The notes include a draft copy of the Institute's Recommended Practice Formwork  handbook "Z36 Formwork" with contributions by Stephen A Ferguson and Douglas W Crawford

  • Safe formwork - design and construction
  • Formwork and Falsework Design
  • Stripping and Multistorey Shoring
  • Formwork Handbook Draft
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