Durability: Principles for Practitioners




The durability of concrete structures remains a complex and difficult issue to design and manage due to many variables. Whist research into concrete durability continues, the knowledge on exposure significance, deterioration processes, materials properties and workmanship implications has developed significantly over the last 25 years. In this time new durability design practices have been developed, including durability modelling methods and new methods of construction have been introduced.


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  • Contributors: Frank Papworth
The notes are based entirely around Australian and International codes and guidelines. As such, it is a course for general practitioners and not experts in durability. The course notes are suitable for material suppliers, site engineers, design engineers and asset owners

  • Durability Defined
  • Australian Standards Commentaries and Reference Documents
  • Material Requirements 
  • Australian Standards Commentaries and Reference Documents
  • Tests for Durability
  • Durability Specifications
  • Workshop
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