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Concrete is susceptible to shear failures. Thus a reinforced concrete member subjected to shear may develop diagonal cracks and if the member does not contain an appropriate amount of shear reinforcement, these cracks can result in the sudden failure of a member. The building code proceduer for shear design typically consist of a collection of complex, restricted empirical equations for shear strength. These notes were intended to give further insight into Shear Design


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Lecture Notes - Pdf

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  • Contributors: Prof Michael P. Collins, Prof Denis Mitchell
The Institute was delighted to have two world renowned experts, Professor Michael P. Collins, and Professor Denis Mitchell, who are best known for developing new approaches for the design of reinforced concrete in shear and torsion. Their 40 years of knowledge and experience in shear was shared to a large audience of design engineers, suppliers and academics across Australia

  • Basics of Shear Response
  • Shear Design & Evaluation Disturbed Regions
  • Shear Design and Evaluation of Flexural Members
  • Design and Evaluation of Disturbed Regions
  • Punching Shear in Slabs
  • Examples of Design and Evaluation
  • Lesson from Failures
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